Sara Tetreault

Creator, Go Gingham

Sara Tetreault writes and speaks about simple, healthy, and less expensive living. From fishing and canning salmon in Alaska with her grandparents while growing up, to picking and preserving fruit with her children today, Sara cooks from scratch in her small kitchen without a microwave, grows vegetables in her urban garden, and meal plans every week as a way to save money and reduce food waste.

Her tips and methods can be found at Go Gingham - Stylishly Frugal Living where she shares about living well on less with thoughtful spending, smart use of resources, and efficient use of time. She lives in Portland and loves good food, travel, and cashmere. With home swapping, cooking at home, and thrifting, she hopes to inspire you with her stylishly frugal ways. Sara keeps a home, one husband, two children, and three chickens in her backyard.