Sara's birthday chair...

The most important thing to me at this moment is being in Iowa with my mom and dad...they've both withstood trips to the ER and ICU this year and lived to write the check that covers what Medicare didn't...amen.

My daughter gave up a chance to celebrate her 20th birthday with friends to come to Iowa with me to see her grandparents, my mom and dad...there is so many fun things she could've enjoyed, a night at the movies, the mall, a big giant birthday cake, but instead she chose to sit in a cramped car, with me her mom, on a 6 and a half hour road trip...let me tell you how long this road trip you remember the road trip game called "license plates..."  where you read what state the car in front of you is from?   In our families warped sense of humor, we try to guess how many DUI's they've had.  Now there's no correct answer to this question, so maybe that 's why we didn't play this game that often....when my kids were younger I invented a "look for cops" game...with points rewarded on accuracy...there were bonuses too...McDonald's and Toys R us...well worth it...Much cheaper then mommy paying a speeding ticket...the game we played to pass the time this time was guess how many dead animals on the side of the road...not because we're morbid or anything...there were just too many dead deer on the side of the road not to notice...racoons too and one kitty cat...when we hit 10 we were too depressed to count more...then the game became "where's a Starbucks?"  With a serious point reward the offer of a free mocha...there was only one problem with this particular game...mommy forgot her cash...I accidently left it on the dresser in the bedroom this morning...I remembered this only inches from entering was a lousy couple of minutes...I think I used the word "damn it" a couple of times...luckily my daughter had some cash...Happy birthday honey!  Bet you wish you were sitting in that new Lincoln movie right now!

Ten years ago I was actually making a lot more money and spent most of the day looking for one of the few things she asked for, a sponge Bob pinata for her big "double digit" birthday was a grand affair, all the kids got prizes and a big birthday cake...this was a birthday designed to help her forget the birthday present I got her a couple of years before, the birthday present that lives on in was a chair.  Yes, you read that right, a chair.  I had just met this incredible artist and she had painted this beautiful chair that I thought my daughter would treasure to her dying day, but you guessed it, I was wrong!  You guessed it... geez, where were you genius the day I was buying this chair?  Anyhow, she took one look at this present from me and started crying big giant tears..."you got me a chair???  A chair???"  It 's saying something that her dad immediately went out to Walmart and bought her the first doll he could find, and I was immediately banned from being in charge of birthday AND Christmas presents.  I write checks now, but I have pointed out  to her more then once in the past 12 years that of all the birthday presents she's received over the years, she still has that chair.  She doesn't care,  she still doesn't care, so here's the only gift tip I can offer you is...A chair--even a beautifully painted chair with flowers and kitties, still makes a poor birthday gift for a 8 year old...

At this very moment my mom is sleeping with her CPAP on, and my dad is coughing up a storm, I just gave him some cough syrup with codeine in...he should be sawing logs in about 10 minutes and then it will be just my daugher and Mason City, Iowa on a Friday night, in my parents house with no cable.  And she hasn't complained at all.  It crosses my mind that I have the coolest and most tolerant girl on the planet, a child who has survived a birthday chair, and today, a 6 and a half hour drive to Iowa with her mom, and offer her the only gift I parents internet..."hey Sara, I have my post done for NaBloPoMo.  No, no, don't worry, I promise I didn't write anything about you this time!!!  Promise.  Happy birthday Sara, no you can't read my post!"


 Cindy Huber

NaBloPoMo November 2012



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