Sassy, Sensual, Sizzling Scorpio Moon 2/2/13

All those “S” words can make for a lot of fun possibilities this weekend. However, a descriptive list, for the 8th sign of the Zodiac, would be incomplete without including others, such as powerful and passionate. This Water sign is intense. Tons of emotion can make for what Ms Davis called, in that great movie All About Eve, “a bumpy night”. Just hold on tight for the ride – Saturday and Sunday could be exciting!

As always with a Scorpio Moon transit, be aware if speech and behavior goes over the top and careens into melodrama– take a few steps back. We may all be a little prickly, a little over sensitive, don’t allow any slights, real or imaginary, to cut too deeply. Pause and take a breath because up next is the jovial Sagittarius Moon experience. A total shift in mood.

Wishing all a terrific weekend!