The USDA and Michelle Obama Unveil "My Plate."

One of the issues that First Lady Michelle Obama has been working on is childhood obesity. She started out with her garden project and she  has been working on getting food manufacturers to make accurate and readable labels on foods. Now, she has been working on the concept of “My Plate” with the USDA. It is a more user friendly approach to understanding the food pyramid.
The concept is pretty simple.  If you load up your plate as per the picture with plenty of fruits and vegetables at every meal, you have made a good beginning to eating healthier.  Then simply add in the protein and grain and a little dairy and you have created for yourself, and your children, a healthy meal.

The idea here was to create a more user friendly image of the traditional food pyramid that could be visually overwhelming.  The second phase of the MYPLATE program  will be to  “…urge consumers to avoid oversize portions, enjoy their food but eat less of it and drink water instead of sugary drinks.”

Cece thinks that this colorful plate will help children especially, to understand the key components to healthy eating and that if this plate can be introduced in  kindergarten and reinforced in each grade, then the kids will learn  fairly easily what to look for in a healthy meal.

“Bye for Now” from The Two Whos

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