Saturday Night Live--Season 38 Premiere

Tonight Saturday Night Live began the 38th (episode 725) of its long long run and I sat wondering 'Why do I still watch this show.'

Now let me begin by saying that Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy/American Dad/Ted) did a decent job with what he was given but it seems like SNL is just missing the mark when it comes to the writing on the show. Something that I have always looked forward to with SNL is Weekend Update, I absolutely love it. I love Seth Meyers but tonight's Weekend Update was utterly disappointing and not funny at all. The "guests" that they brought on were dismal and the writing itself was atrocious (and usually when it is election season the jokes write themselves...hence the sketch they did with Clint Eastwood bringing his 'talking to the chair' act on the road)

It is disappointing to see a show that started out with some amazing comedians has gone downhill in the last few years. The SNL of yesteryear is gone and we are left with a shell of its former self. After 38 seasons maybe it is time for SNL to throw in the towel, bring back some of the former "residents" and end on a high note.

I realize that I am being harsh with the season premiere but lets all be honest, the show has been going downhill for years and it is disappointing to see the writing get worse and worse. Of course I will stick with the show for the season (heck I DVR the show so I can watch it when I feel up to it) and I can only hope that this season gets a little better but honestly I think it is just wishful thinking at this point.


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