Saturday Update: Birthday, Holidays, Prayers and Apologies

It's a Holiday Weekend

Yippee Skippy!

Grandma's Visit

 Well grandma has arrived safe and sound and is currently tuck in her bed fast asleep. Oh wait, the dogs must have just woken her up as they stormed the front door after hearing the doorbell. Oops! I actually got to spend some time alone with her before we were inundated with children and pets. 

One very sweet moment that made me super happy and proud was when grandma apologized to the children for not bringing her usual "hello gift" because she was flying. Tristan hugged her and said, "Grandma, it's not about the gifts - it's about you coming to visit us." It was totally genuine and precious. I had tears in my eyes. "I mean the presents are nice though" eeked out after all the hugging. 



Birthday Weekend 

My daughter (and first born) and I share a birthday, May 27th. How cool is that? I love that we share this day. We get to make a big deal of the day (which is fun for me) without tons of attention on MY birthday (who needs that?) because I'm sharing it with a child. It's a win-win for everyone! And the extra bonus this year is that it falls on Memorial Day! No school my Zoe's birthday. I think every child would like that. 

the birthday girls thirty-four years apart



A Visit to the country (finally)

Finally we are headed up to our home in Michigan for a few days. With the children's sports and busy schedules it's hard to get up there as often as we used to... sad. :(



But I'm extra excited because I've had my tractor serviced, tuned up, blades sharpened. So I'll be cruising the back forty either jamming to tunes or listening to my latest audiobook. It's a good one. I'm sure we'll hit some antique haunts and visit some of our favorite restaurants up in Harbor Country. Just a little bummer that the weather's not that great. Oh well.  



Oklahoma Tragedy

Just a month ago, I wrote a Saturday Update acknowledging the tragedy in Boston. And like you I'm reeling with the sense of loss and heartbreak for these communities and families. My thoughts drift to these parents who have lost little ones and it's hard not to feel some amount of pain for them. It certainly makes me grateful for my blessings right now. My thoughts and prayers are with them. 

If you would like to help in the relief efforts. Donate Now to the American Red Cross. Funds go directly to the disaster relief in the areas most suffering from the damage done by the most recent tornadoes.

An Apology & a Retraction

I recently posted on my blog recommending a few books that I was reading or had read. I did suggest Night Circus as a good one, but now that I finished it - I will say No on the commendation. I felt compelled to finish it because I was so deep into and I always feel a pang of guilt if I don't finish a book I start... but I will say that was a total waste of my precious reading time. I really wanted to like it - really but it just did not resonate with me at all. I'll try and not jump the gun again when suggesting good reads.

Have a wonderful summer kick-off weekend with your family, friends and the ones you cherish. I know the Wright's will.

Take care now,