Saturday Update: Just another fun-filled week in Chi-town


Seed Packing Service Project

For weeks now Willow Chicago has been promoting their seed packing campaign for El Salvador - which is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. By providing seeds for home gardens families are able to eat healthier, sell their excess produce for income thereby providing better housing, health care and education for themselves and their community. Therefore, tomorrow the Wright family is going to put on their working gloves and pack seeds for families in El Salvador.

Good Reading Choices



World Without End by Ken Follett - this is the sequel to Pillars of the Earth. Which I highly recommend. His character development is genius. The depth with which he details the story is so rich and captivating. Even though his books have lots of pages (nearly 1000) - trust me it is so worth it. 

A Thousand Gifts - just got started with this. A friend and blogger recommends the author Ann VosKamp, so I thought I'd look at her work. I'm intrigued.

Night Circus - I just started it and I'm totally enthralled so far, so I think it's safe to say I would recommend it.


Fall of Giants - After reading Pillars of the Earth and World without End by Ken Follett I'm a huge fan of his writing. Fall of Giants is the first in his new century trilogy. It follows five interrelated families through the 20th century. I just ordered it and can't wait to start on it.






Dancing iFrench Class 



Only Tristan would consider dancing in class. I have come to understand that his french teacher did indeed encourage Tristan to start dancing. Of course, I love that the class got into it as well. She sent me the video and thought I would be entertained by this display. I was, Josh was, Zoe could not believe it, Aidan thinks T is a rock star, but would never attempt public dancing - ever! 


History Fair Update

We hit Springfield, IL after a longer-then-needed-to-be drive. But I listened to my audiobook so the time was well spent. Anyway, the girls had fun, presented their documentary before the judges, waiting around a lot, did some shopping, and eat too much junk food. 

The Lincoln's in Springfield


Chloe, Zoe and Emma


The Prairie Capital Convention Center 
filled with History Fair participants 

The girls did great but in the end only a small handful of this crowd was selected to advance onto the National Fair in Washington DC. It was pretty cool to see so many students excited about their school projects. A very good experience for each of them.



Iron Man 3



We've already purchased our tickets for the noon showing of Iron Man 3 today. Last night as a family we watched the first and second one so we're pumped to see what Tony Stark has up his sleeve for this one. 

Game 7 - Bulls vs Nets


Last but certainly not least. Tonight is game seven of the play-offs between the Chicago Bulls and the Brooklyn Nets. PARTY!!!!



Take care now,




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