Saturdays, They're Wonderful!!!!

Having gotten up early, well, early for sleeping in on a weekend,  I enjoyed some nice comfy time in  my chair this a.m.   Since it was rainy still and dark,  I opted to read the newspaper online instead of making the long trip down the driveway and back to get the hard copy.  Finished transcribing the last letter to our Miss Minnie in the October 6, 1911, envelope and watched some local news.

The spouse was itching to get out in the world and look at something different.  We got dressed and went out into the world.  Visiting some of the local consignments shops, we enjoyed our time together looking and discussing ideas for using some of the old lumber we will salvage from the old carriage house here on the grounds at the Manor.  Unfortunately, the old building is not in good enough shape to restore into the garage/workshop we desparately needed like, yesterday. The plans are to re-purpose as much of the old boards as we can.  Don already used some of the old beadboard paneling to put a ceiling into the back porch.  A former junky old porch covered in aluminum triple track storm windows by the former owners is now a lovely screened porch complete with an old mantel found on the property and the bead boards from the carriage house. 

I have supper in the oven, chicken enchiladas, and am logging some computer time.  Some movies and popcorn afterwards will round out the day spent in wonderful companionship with my spouse of thirty plus years.    

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