Saturn and OnStar Saved The Day!

When Sam, Double Agent Girl and I stopped at a rest stop on the I-90 on the way to BlogHer Boston, the only thing on our minds was feeding baby Hudson, and making sure we got to BlogHer safely.

We had seen an ambulance at the side of the highway a few minutes before we pulled over, but no real evidence of a car accident, and Sam intuitively said, "Maybe it was a heart attack."

Unfortunately Sam was right. 

I didn't see the elderly woman approaching our car.  She slightly
startled me with her presence at my left side, and her eyes were wide
as she asked me for help.

The woman was distraught as she led me back to her car and told me her husband was just taken by ambulance to 'this hospital,' as she pushed a sheet of paper into my hand.  

On the paper there was the name of a Syracuse hospital and the phone number.  The woman had no idea how to get there.  She had GPS but no idea what the address was.  I called OnStar from our car and their system was down, unfortunately, so I used the on board phone to call the hospital for their address.

Once I plugged the information into the woman's GPS, I told her to listen to the directions and if she got lost again, to call the hospital back for help.  I felt so terrible for her -- she was having a hard time keeping it together and the tears were so close to falling.  

"Take a deep breath," I said to her as I rubbed her back. "You can do this.  You'll be okay."

I just hope her husband is okay too.  It was clear how much she loved him.

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