Sautéing Fish Simplified: Sounds Fishy to me?

Arctic Char

It being the first week of Lent my thoughts turn to fish on Friday. You see in my house growing up Vatican II never happened. My mother continued to says her prays in Latin and we AWAYS ate fish on Friday. 
My grandfather on my mom’s side was from a fishing town outside of Bari, Italy. He only ate fish and a little veal. He found steak repulsive and he thought chickens were dirty. Fish was good and cheap when my mom was growing up in the 1930’s. Times have changed so much, fish back then, was considered the food of the poor. If you didn’t have money you bought or caught your own fish. 
My mom grew up in New Haven, CT you didn’t have to go out very far in a boat to catch tuna or cod. Mussels and oysters could be found on the beach. You can still find shell fish in Long Island Sound, but you would be crazy to eat it, the water is so polluted.  Tuna and cod are harder to find these days in New England. Many species have been over fished.

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