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Frozen Yogurt Grape Bite


This week brings a new outlook for me: SIMPLIFY.  I really need to simplify things around here.  I recently read an article from a lovely blog: The Peaceful Mom.  This article detailed how this busy mom dealt with money and life with a family of six (!).  It is very inspirational.  This really made me think about my own budgeting. Her budget for groceries is id="mce_marker"00 a week.  Well, we have a family of four and it is hard to make it under id="mce_marker"00.  Actually, we always go over 100 dollars by $40 (or more) each week.  So, this month I am inspired.  I am going to chop that bill.  Goal: 100 dollar budget for groceries.  Here we go!


I always make a grocery list.  I am a list-maker at heart and the grocery list seems a natural place for me to indulge.  The grocery list has a twin - the Menu list.  While I make a grocery list, I simultaneously make my menu for the week.  When I am done, I plop the menu on the fridge.  There is no order to the menu, just a list of things that we can make (and I know that I will have the ingredients for them) after a long day of work.


Here is the kicker - we are also cutting out High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Completely.  That's right - I said it.  It is in everything.  Well, everything that is cheap.  So my challenge is to stay under 100 dollars and be healthy, starting now. I think I can do it.

It begins with healthy snacks: Frozen fruit bites and Frozen Nutella Banana bites.  Yum.

Get the recipies at Our Heirloom Life.


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