Save Money Upgrading Your iPhone

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So you've heard by now that the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s are available at Apple today. I want to share with you one way that we have offset the cost of upgrading. There are several services that will pay you for old smartphones (Even broken, not working one!) and we use these services to offset the cost of the upgrade. Both and Amazon Trade-In will take old phones and pay YOU for them!

Here's how we do it:

1.   My husband got his first iPhone and then it was almost a year until we decided that we could afford for me to have one also, so our contracts are 1yr apart. This effectively allows us 1 new phone upgrade every year. My husband gets the new one and I get his old one. (He's into tech more than me, so I'm fine with last year's model) save-money-upgrading-iphone

2.   As soon as the new model is announced we go to  or Amazon Trade-In to lock in a trade in price. The closer to the official Apple announcement that you lock in a price, the higher the trade-in value they will offer you. To trade in our iPhone 4s, they offered $200!! If you wait even just a few days, the trade-in value drops and continues to go down the longer you wait. Click this link to Gazelle to earn and additional $10 on your trade!   You can typically lock in a price for 30 days, so that allows you time to get the new phone once its released and then ship the old phone back to them.

3.   Go to the Apple store or to your cellular service store, buy the new phone.  Typically if you are eligible for the provider upgrade (new 2 year contract) then it's $199 for the 16gb iPhone.  There's also tax and often a upgrade/activation fee. ($36 on AT&T).

4.   Take your new phone home and enjoy!

5.   Ship your old phone back to Gazelle or Amazon Trade-In and receive your trade in credit.  With Gazelle you can get that back as a Paypal Deposit or Amazon Gift card. With Amazon you receive the trade-in cost as a Amazon gift card.  That money you just received from Gazelle or Amazon just saved you a large portion of your phone upgrade cost! Upgrade cost $199 + tax + $36 activation, and we were able to lock-in $220 from Amazon Trade-in!  Net cost, to us = $26.94 to get the brand new iPhone. 

So look around your house, find all of your old phones, trade them in and Save money on you iPhone upgrade!

(This works for most smartphones so Android phones as well)  


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