Save More Pay Less… How can you tell if a coupon is a fraud?

Save More Pay Less… How can you tell if a coupon is a fraud? Well there are four ways to know for sure.

PDF file the majority of PDF are fraudulent so be sure you if you use a PDF it comes directly from the manufacture’s website. Never trust PDF through emails.

 Doctored coupons have been circulated more and more so be careful not to fall for out dated logo, or the wrong front for that national well know logo, or a generally hazy appearance this is a shore way of knowing it is fraudulent.

Email or address on a coupon. If the coupon you receive is personalized make sure it has your personal information on it if you use someone else’s deal ex. Just for Michelle then most stores will ask for an ID be prepared.

Expiration dates if the expiration date is less than a month or more than six months. Manufactures usually have a 30 day expiration dates.

Learn more about fraudulent coupons on www.couponinformationcenter.comthis site keeps an update list of all fraudulent coupons so if you’re not sure check their listings. For more tips and savings go to



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