Save More with Price Mathcing

Price Match making the best of your store policy. Not all stores price match so before you try this at your store make sure that your favorite store price matches.

 Why price match well if you can’t find a coupon for a product and you know that it’s less expensive at another store than price matching at the store you shop at is your coupon. Now why not just shop at the store that has the less expensive price. Well for some it’s just not time or cost efficient to travel to different stores it takes time and gas prices just don’t warrant driving to more than one store on a given day for most. 

I usually do one large shopping day a month at my grocery store and then one at my drug store both on two separate days during a week day. This save time and it also gives me the best days to shop with fewer shoppers and opportunity to actually have my items in stock.

 Now what stores price match well that depends on the store policy of each individual store however the best stores at this are Target and Wal-Mart. I was shopping at Wal-mart recently and did not know that Sprouts had apples for 8¢ less and the cashier automatically gave me the price match that was both unexpected and very appreciated. Now this doesn’t always happen so you must do your homework this is why that Sunday inserts for national and local stores are so important so stores such as Target will also match online price, where Wal-Mart does not so knowing the policy and having it with you will help you at the checkout counter and the store aisle. For download your favorite store coupon/price match policies visit the store policy page at

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