Save More Spend Less: Shopping Trip: Save at warehouse clubs

Next stop Warehouse Clubs, I must admit this is part of my monthly shopping trip; I can’t beat the quality of meats and frozen foods.  This is an interesting fact most club stores make the bulk of their money on memberships and they vary from in Sam’s Club case $45.00-$100.00. My family has had a Sam’s Club membership for 19 years and we get the most out of it, we recently rent a van for a trip and saved 15% because of our Sam’s Club membership, and we get instant saving s at check out on many items of our grocery items each month. We also have the plus membership so for every $500 we spend it can be on multiple trips, we are given $10.00 so by the time our membership is due we can use it to pay for our membership for the following year. Yes free membership that’s a great deal just for shopping.


Price check: meats and fish well in most club stores BJ, Sam’s Club and Costco you can save on these meats.  A pound of meat goes for a little more than A$2.50 the national average in 2012 was $4.69 that’s a savings of 26%.  Recently ground beef at Bj sold for $2.59 national average $3.49 that‘s a savings of 26%


Snack food you can save between 30-50% on cheese, chips, and nuts. Recently Sam’s club had a 3lb bag of pecans for $16.99 or $5.66 a lb.  While H-E-B had a regular price 12 oz. bag for $6.99 or $9.32 per pound a savings of 39%. Keep this in mind for those winter and fall baking times.


Drinks can be a big save as well most soft drinks are sold at about 20% less than in supermarkets. My past shopping trip to Sam’s I as usual pick up Gatorade for my husband and they were marked down from $15.99 to $13.99 after instant savings no coupon needed this was for 24/20oz. bottles. Now at that same time the club was busy marking changing prices and so when I saw a tag for 20/24 oz. bottles of frost Gatorades priced at 51¢, yes 51¢ I stocked up, now when we check out they were shocked ran the scan several times and they realized it was a mistake on their part, but because it scanned that way they let me have 12 cases at 51¢ each. So you see most stores would have said no, but because this is a paid membership they were obligated to give me the price scanned.  Membership definitely has its privileges.

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