Save My Ass or Save the Environment?

Six weeks and one day ago (not that anyone’s counting), I became a vegetarian. A pescatarian to be exact, since I could give up the thrice-weekly chicken and occasional In-N-Out, but sushi? C’mon.

My intention was to walk my eco-friendly talk a little more. Some
sources estimate that animal production contributes more to global
warming than cars, and last month I saw a PETA video that really drove
the point home (and totally grossed me out in the process).

As PETA puts it, “You can’t be an environmentalist and eat meat.”
And although I only bought organic and free-range meat, and tried to
avoid inorganic meat in restaurants (except, of course, the
aforementioned In-N-Out), even the conscious meat eating was weighing
me down.

And that, of course, was also the point. After more than a few
friends told me how those last few stubborn post-Barnacle (read: baby)
pounds virtually melted away after they went vegan, I was sold. Reduce
my carbon footprint and my one-pack? Sold!

But it didn’t work out that way. After eating tofu, beans and whole
grains for six weeks, I’m now six pounds heavier. Apparently, my type-O
blood needs straight protein, not protein-rich carbs.

So now I’m faced with a conundrum: Save my ass and start eating
(free-range, organic) steak or gain 50 pounds over the next year to
help save the environment.

What would you do?