Convince Ellen DeGeneres or Rachel Maddow to Buy a WPS Team

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The following letter is adapted with permission from Amy Maestri's blog.

Time for a pop quiz:

  1. Do you love good competition?
  2. Do you enjoy watching a group of people extraordinarily good at what they do?
  3. Do you want to support American athletic leagues?
  4. Do you enjoy breathing oxygen?
  5. Do you respect people dedicating their lives to becoming the best in the world at their profession?
  6. Do you have eyes and ears?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it is a scientific fact that you should love Women’s Professional Soccer. Because let’s be honest…at a WPS game you get to witness good competition, with extraordinary athletes, in an American league, while breathing oxygen, respecting the athletes on the field for their hard work, and you do all this by watching and listening with your eyes and ears. See? It all connects.

Women’s Professional Soccer is unfortunately in a very tough situation right now. They have less than two weeks to find another owner for a team in order to not lose its sanctioning by U.S. Soccer. The fact is we have an extremely underrated and under-publicized league and it needs to be saved. It is the best league in the world with the best players in the world.

What is missing? No one knows the league exists outside of its cult following. Many, many brilliant TV shows have gone off the air after a few seasons because although critics can’t stop raving over a show, it doesn’t get the ratings it needs to stay afloat. Don’t let the WPS become Arrested Development. The WPS is just that; critically acclaimed but not enough viewers…yet.

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