Saving Chocolate from Global Warming

I wrote this post in honor of chocolate. The chocolate harvest is now endangered by global warming.

I'd like to see a chocolate bar replace a polar bear as the symbol of global warming's devastation. One cost of global warming is emotional safety. People equate chocolate with reassurance, romance, affection and many other things that have little to do with the chemical makeup of a candy bar. Chocolate doesn't really make us happy - it's a placebo.

Some people might object to a "Save the Chocolate!" slogan for health reasons. Interestingly, there are similarities between our relationship to global warming prevention and our relationship to dieting - at least, in the United States. Dieting tends to be both ineffective and plagued by guilt (which does not work for global warming prevention either). Dieting involves major lifestyle changes; reducing one's environmental footprint is an even more difficult process.

What is often missing from both dieting and environmental lifestyle change? Social marketing. Dieting may be popular, but it certainly isn't easy or fun. Environmental lifestyle change is rarely marketed as fun, popular or easy.

But why shouldn't they be promoted this way? One could choose exercise and food options one enjoys, design programs that are simple and easy to follow, and remove guilt by introducing flexible decisions.

Maybe if we start enjoying the process of trimming our environmental footprints now, we'll still be able to enjoy chocolate later.

Chocolate heart
Chocolate doesn't influence love... at least, not chemically.


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