Saving Mummy's Quick-List of Saving Tips!


Here is my Quick-list of Saving Tips!  How many are you already doing I wonder….

1/  Don’t go near a shop.  Just don’t!  The temptation is not worth it!  Shop online where you can ‘curb’ any non-budget spending.

2/ Re-Gift.  If it was good enough to be given to you it’s good enough to give to someone else right?

3/ Shop online.  From groceries to gifts you can do the lot online.  It saves you money as you can stick to your budget!


4/ Upcycle items.  Have things that you were just going to throw to landfill?  Use Google or Pinterest to find another way of using them!

5/ Prepare vegetarian meals.  Two vegetarian meals a week can make a real difference to your food budget – not to mention it is good for you too!



6/ Shop smart. Visit garage sales and charity shops to discover items at half the price.

7/ Have a Swap party.  Organise a swap party with your friends (you could focus on toys, clothes, kitchen stuff, craft things anything really!

8/ Walk. Simple really.  Save on petrol!

9/ Plan your meals.  Finding time to plan can seem like a real pain – but it definitely saves you cash!


10/ Cook once a month. Cook in bulk once a month and save.  See my previous post here in the ‘cheap food ideas’ category of this site for more information about this great idea!


11/ School uniforms.  Shop at the secondhand stall at your child’s school – you could easily save up to 80% on the cost of new uniforms!

12/ Have a handmade Christmas/Birthday year. Plan early and make gifts from your heart for people.  It’s fun, rewarding and you will save dollars!

13/ Stay-at-home. Pull out the board games, the DVD you have not watched for ages or just have a drawing competition.  Entertain your family and yourself at home!


14/ Movie night in.  Create a regular movie night at home.  Pop some popcorn in the microwave, grab some pillows and blankets and snuggle down for a fun night together!

hair clips LR

15/ Make your own hair accessories. The cost of hair accessories adds up over time – particularly if your girls lose them like mine do!  Check out these easy and cheap decorated clips and hair ties  to jazz up your girls hair – all while you save money! (Image courtesy of TheGildedHare).

16/ Use your local library. Take advantage of your library!  Not only is the visit to the library free, you can borrow more ‘free entertainment’ for home later.  Books, CD’s, DVD’s all for your family to enjoy!

What do you do to save money?  Any of these tips strike a chord?

Leave a reply message and let me know! :)

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