The Savoy, London

Somehow without a plan or purpose we found ourselves spending a whole lot of time in hotels during this vacation. Obviously we slept at a hotel every night during the 2.5 weeks we were gone but we also spent countless hours in hotel lobbies, restaurants and bars. It all started in London when we somehow found ourselves in the Savoy.


The Savoy is perhaps the most famous hotel in London but sadly it was closed for refurbishment (that apparently cost £100 MM) for most of the time we lived in London. As with every luxury hotel with such rich history (hello - the firs hotel to have AC, lifts, electricity and private bathrooms?), the Savoy prides itself on the countless celebrities that lived there at one point or another from OScar Wilde, Claude Monet, Clarke Gable (oh, Rhett how I love thee!) to the Beatles. And to top it all off apparently Vivien Leigh met Laurence Olivier in the lobby! Needless to say, I was more than a little excited to spend some time in the lobby, mingle with the crowd and try to pin point James Bond out of the other guests....and for some reason Madonna, I seem to always be on the lookout for Madonna when I am in celebrity dense spots.

This history is well advertised everywhere but none more than the two bars in the lobby.

The first bar, aptly called the American Bar (because they specialised in serving American style cocktails back in the day) is where James Bond would hang out. The atmosphere is just so British spy meets love lady for the night (this is yet again another classic design term from yours truly). The pianist, the jazz, the waiter in white jacket asking you what do you feel like so he can recommend you a drink. Yes sir, I will get whatever Vivien Leigh had.


And just to show off my newest photography skill (I finally discovered the close up button) behold these two beautiful pictures that will change your life.


And by that I of course mean that they are more likely than not to make you thirsty.


Ahem, I could get used to this, no, scratch that - I am used to this. I am staying at the Savoy forever and ever.


But alas, after two drinks Bugi insisted on us moving to the other bar in the lobby just to check it out - the Beaufort Bar. And boy am I glad he moved me. It was Cabaret night there and the super sexual singer quickly came by and told Bugi that I was "absolutely gorgeous" (her words, I swear!) while gently stroking my cheeks. I loved her. But then, this being cabaret and all she moved on to telling other people that they are gorgeous and I had to come to terms with the fact that I might not be that special to her. Boo hoo. She was still an excellent singer and put on such a show! There wasn't a single person in the bar actually talking - everyone was just staring at her, clapping and singing along. I guess everyone felt they had to pay attention because at any moment she could turn your attention to you.

So the Beaufort Bar gets 10 moons (out of 10 moons possible of course) and everyone who lives or passes through London should go for one of their cabaret nights. You will not regret the experience!


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