The Savvy Brunette

Hi, my name is Nycole. I am The Savvy least that's what I tell people ;)

I started my blog in November 2009, as an attempt at "free therapy". When you read my blog you'll notice I am nothing short of opinionated and passionate. I am also open and honest, with little room for hiding what I really think.

When it comes to what I do outside of blogging the answer is anything but simple, which is why life never gets boring. By day, I am in advertising sales and in 2012 I finished in the top 6% of sales reps in the United States in my company. My true passion is my freelance work in social media and branding strategy because this is where my heart and passion is. I have been a brand ambassador and event promoter for many brands and events with the main social media platform being my Twitter account @MsNycole. My plan is to utilize The Savvy Brunette to help grow my brand and help other brands get the word out by sharing reviews and stories. Aside from work, I am the Chicago BGSU Alumni Association Board President and I also volunteer for the Greater South Loop Associations events committee. Busy bee...that is me!