Saw the First Couple Episodes of Legend of Korra

So far so good! I really like the character so far, she seems to be the most adorkable tomboy ever, and I enjoyed her interactions with her teacher and the "pro bender" kids. I confess I mostly skimmed both episodes because of the buffering on the site. I am really not sure what I think about the "equalists." Generally speaking, people get mad enough to protest because they have a legitimate beef.This seems to be played more as they do not have a beef, but then again, Korra is sheltered and the initial encounter with the soap box ranter is seen from her perspective.

They might be doing something like G'Kar on Babylon 5, who started out 'scary activist/terrorist' and then we found exactly why he is scary (and then he became less scary as a result).

I am not sure they are doing that here however, since the masked dude is giving off more of a "Cobra Commander," vibe. (It might just be the mask, and it is the first couple episodes.)


You can catch the first couple episodes here.