Say Cheese

W had a baseball game last night. This is finally the year where the spectators can tell the difference between the boys that LOVE baseball and those that just play. W stood next to second base, stood out in the outfield and stood at bat...He'd make a better statue than a player. But, he ran the bases with gusto earning his title of "third base bandit". As the hot, SMELLY, deflated 10-year-olds left the field (suddenly some 10-year olds are at that awkward age where they don't really wear deodorant, but should maybe consider starting) after losing a close one to a team of GIANTS, they picked up their post game snack.

Sometimes the snack is a borderline healthy (at least when it's my week) treat, plus a juice or flavored water. Last night, Ho-Hos.
Now, I'm not a health food nazi. My kids eat some junk food, candy and fast food. But, I really do keep it limited. In fact, I get razzed by many of my friends that my children call assorted berries and fruit "nature's candy" and are nearly equally as pleased when they get that as they are when they get the real thing. And when I say razzed, I mean teased mercilessly...I may put up a good fight trying to explain myself but inside...I'm loving every minute of it.

But, as my son walked back to the car offering me a bite of his "Twinkee" my mom sensors went off. How did I let my son become a 10-year-old that doesn't know the difference between a Ho-Ho and a Twinkee...and what on earth were his friends going to say to him when they found out? That's when his BFF Joel speaks up, "DUDE, Twinkee's are yellow!"

All the way home, my son sat in the back seat telling me he had no idea Twinkee's were yellow. Asking me "How did you let me become so ignorant about this?" I winced, hung my head in shame and GRINNED all the way home because a very small victory was mine. At 10, W finally learned that Twinkee's were yellow, but he still hasn't EATEN one! HA! Take that HOSTESS!


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