Say No More. . .

I don’t know which is more painful: platitudes or silence.  Platitudes are those things that are said to fill up space.  They are safe, risk nothing and have little to no impact.  A platitude is a trite, meaningless prosaic statement uttered or written with the delivery as if it is a sincere and unique thought.  The key is that a platitude is meaningless.  It risks nothing and promises even less.  Think Miss Manners with a lobotomy.  I find platitudes plentiful in the passive, the meek, and a “go to” arsenal for emotional cowardice.  Platitudes put an end to conflicting thoughts and feelings by creating an illusion of resolution.  The master of the platitude is the master of avoidance.   In this poem, I linked a series of platitudes into a conversation of nothingness. 

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