Saying Goodbye to My plants...

For most of this fall, I've been bringing my pots from outside into the house to protect them from the cooler autumn nights, but my husband finally put his foot down today saying the entire house was starting to smell like moldy dying plants, which is something coming from a funeral director...I would have thought his nose would be immune to that by now...but noooo....which is why, on this sunny 50 degree day I'm gathering up my potted outdoor plants and saying goodbye.

So I'll start by saying goodbye to my goofy low hanging plant whose name i can't remember but I think started with a "D", as it "I'm just taking the trash out DAMN(!) I just banged my head on this low hanging basket again!"  (Oh wait, that's right, it was some sort of begonia...everytime I hit my head on it and say DAMN...I remember the word begonia...weird, I know, but that's how I roll)...But yes, I'll really miss banging my head on the bottom of your basket everytime I walk out the front door...but it was worth it because you looked stunning most of this summer!

Goodbye metal bistro set, which in concept, should have worked, but we didn't count on the tree branch that hung directly over the table, or the birds that ate the berries directly over the table, and then used our table as a pooping target...or at least that's what it looked like most of this summer. 

Goodbye hobbits playing chess who did a poor job of protecting my ferns from the rabbits and chipmunks...not that it mattered much to me, rabbits gotta eat!  Have a nice winter rest in the garage, where perhaps you can protect the lawnblower from the snowblower, or not.

Goodbye...HEY, wait a minute, what's this???

It's 51 degrees on November 2nd,  and my beautiful Iris has decided to bloom! Take that mother nature!!

Long after my mums, begonias, impatiens and ferns have called it a season my beautiful bearded blue Iris has stuck it's neck out against the approaching winter.
I need to be more like my Iris.

But it does beg one question...where the h*ll has my Iris been all summer?

Cindy Huber


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