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They say you never really know a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, and after last week, I can confirm for you that the proverbial "they" are absolutely correct.

Last week, Jes Ferris announced that she will soon be leaving BlogHer, and I am *beyond* excited to announce that I am taking on her role as Conference Programming Manager. Jes and I spent the past week together, “brain-dumping” everything I will need to know in order to transition seamlessly(ish) into her role on the Programming team at BlogHer, alongside Polly Pagenhart.

I have to tell you, Jes Ferris has big feet.

Even as a veteran speaker at BlogHer’s Annual conferences, I never really grasped the full magnitude of all Jes and Polly, along with Elisa and Lori and the entire Events team, do to make these conferences the amazing events that they are -- powerhouses of knowledge and experience and fresh ideas to educate, inspire, and empower women. It’s a tremendous amount of thought and work and oh lord, the spreadsheets.

I am exuberant about this grand challenge before me, to find a way to best unite and combine and showcase your voices. BlogHer has meant so much to me, both as a blogger and as woman, and I can’t wait to pay those gifts forward to all of you.

What moves me most about the BlogHer community is that we are an endless sea of unique, changing, contrasting, raucous voices, thundering against the shores of what we as women are expected to say, to be, to feel. We are changing the landscape of our lives simply by daring to share them with each other, freely and openly, for the whole world to hear. This is why we don’t keep diaries under our mattresses, because together our voices are strong and beautiful and are changing the world. Each and every one of us. Even those we don’t always agree with.

And now, it’s my job to listen to all of you. Pinch me?

Some of you might know me as Mr Lady, but my name is actually Shannon Carroll, and I’m your Conference Programming Manager. I was a speaker at BlogHer '09 and BlogHer '11, a part of the first annual Voices of the Year Community Keynote at BlogHer '08.

The Whole Group

[photo by Aimee Giese/Greeblemonkey]

I’m a personal blogger, a mother to three, a wife to one, and an unrepentant cookie assassin. I can be reached by email, on twitter, and on Google+.

And I really can’t wait to get to know you, too.



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