Saying Hello with a Review of the week @ Geek with Kids

The Princess Hi there BlogHer, today I thought I'd try becoming more active in your community. I joined BlogHer because of NaBloPoMo. I've participated in NaBloPoMo for several years but have always had limited engagement with its community. Now that it's been added to BlogHer I thought I would like to change that. So here I am, over the last week I have been reading blogs and some of the discussions around them, but I've been mostly lurking. This week I hope to start being more active.  To that end and as a way to bring my posts to BlogHer each week I'm going to write a post here, it will be a look back and perhaps a look forward.

The Week that Was:

We're 6 days into NaBloPoMo, and in some ways I already feel like I failed. Sure I've posted every day but, I was hopping to be posting twice a day, not just once. You see for the last 2 years I've posted every day, for most of that time my posts have been part of another challenge first it was Project 365, though now it's just Picture of the Day. Each day I take and share at least one photo. I usually write something to go with the photo, but it really is just a way to have a photographic record of my life. It's also something I'm really proud of and when I look back over the last 2 years I wish I had started earlier.

The only problem is that my blog has become a photo blog, with only the occasional non-photo post. I've tried to change that for the past few months, but I haven't been able to get into a good rhythm, I do one or two posts and then just fall back to just my photos. I had hoped that NaBloPoMo would give me the inspiration I needed get into writing a post every day. unfortunately that hasn't happened. We're five days in I have yet to write a non POD post. I've got some idea's for posts, just haven't found the time, or the drive to get them written. So instead of giving up on my goal and setting a new 'start date' for December. I'm hoping to get back on track over the coming days.

As an added bonus I'm going to choose a photo of the week to include in my weekly review. This picture will either be one of my Pictures of the Days, or just one of the many pictures I have taken during the week. This week picture of the day is from Halloween, one of my favourite pictures of  my little girl.

 This weeks posts:

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