Saying vs. Doing: Are you giving yourself unearned credit?

This is some text! I’ll admit I’m somewhat of a podcast junkie. My 45 minute commute is much more enjoyable thanks to the help of my Stitcher Radio app. One of my favorite pod-casters to listen to is Pat Flynn. He’s an entrepreneur who focuses a lot on working efficiently so you can enjoy your free time.

He had a guy on his show who mentioned having intention versus actually completing something. When you say you’re going to do something out loud. For example saying, “I’m writing a book” your brain gives you the pat of the back that you are actually doing this. Regardless of how much personal effort you’ve actually put into writing (or whatever else you said).

Of course I’m bringing this up because it’s something I do on a regular basis. I give myself a pat on the back when I haven’t done anything more than simply talk about what I’m going to do. Having seen this is a pattern that leads me to not finishing certain projects, I’ve taken note to make sure that I don’t commit to things out loud unless I intend on taking the time to do them.

This is actually a lot more difficult than you might think. I know I’m the type that will list off out loud the things I need to get done knowing that I’ll only be able to complete a few of them. When all this does is make your brain feel overwhelmed and your work unaccomplished.

Set realistic goals for yourself that allow you to track your progress. Starting out each day with a clear direction provided by a list help me commit my full attention to the projects I’m working on and I can then share my progress with my friends and family instead of only talking about what I will get around to doing one day.

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