Scam Alert

It seemed that we had enough scams and scam artists before the current economic crises but brace yourself because it has gotten worse. The April Issue of Ladies Home Journal highlights the 5 different scams that are operating right now in their article “Scam Alert.” These scam artists are very clever and you can be a genius but still fall prey to one of these schemes. Everyone is vulnerable and no one is immune to these new subtle and manipulative ways of getting your precious dollars. However, if you are aware of what is looming out there you will avoid being a victim.

So save yourself the heartache and headache of being duped by consumer fraud. Since scammers will stop at nothing to get your money, Ladies’ Home Journal uncovered some of the more common and egregious ways crooks are trying to get your money. Learn how to avoid, fight back, and report scams like fake sweepstakes, bogus foreclosure help and more. Knowing beforehand what tricks to be aware of may save you from thousands of dollars of debt or even a foreclosed home.

I suggest picking up the April Issue of LHJ for this valuable information about new wave scams. You’ll also find several other articles in this issue that are full of important information. “Teens Behind The Wheel” suggests making a contract between you and your teen to avoid your son or daughter becoming one of the 6,000 teenagers that die on American roads each year. It will tell you how and why a contract like this can save your child’s life. If you are one of the 40 million Americans suffering from allergies as spring is emerging you can learn what those symptoms actually mean from the article “Got Allergies?” Don’t have time for beauty rest? Well, check out “Wake Up Makeup.” The expert tips and tricks in this article will help you to never hear the words “you look tired” again.

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