A Scandalous Workout

On January 11, 2013, a day after the Season 2 premier of ABC’s "Scandal", I had a little venting session on Facebook. My rant was specifically directed towards the large volume of women inside and outside my circle of family, friends, and clients who had tuned in to the show.

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It wasn’t that I had some underlying opposition to the show per se. In fact, at this point, I’d never even seen it. I just couldn’t understand how these folks complained so much about not having the time to put in a workout session or cook a meal, yet they could sit down and take to Twitter for a full hour on Thursdays.

Well, let me fast forward to April 10, 2013, a rainy day during which I’d decided to put in an hour-long workout on my elliptical trainer as opposed to running outdoors. It is during home workouts that I usually catch up on national news by way of MSNBC.

Bored with the afternoon news on this particular day, I decided to tune in to XFINITY On Demand in order to watch the latest episode of Scandal. I wanted to see exactly what all the fuss was about.

Over six or so hours later, I found myself still treading on the elliptical trainer. I had literally blown a full day of work watching all the second season episodes (without commercials) up to the most recent one.

It was on this day, April 10, 2013 that I became addicted to Scandal. It was also on this day that I’d put in a six-plus hour workout. My legs were completely numb as the final credits appeared on the last episode.

It didn’t matter though. In spite of one day of overtraining, I was all caught up with second season episodes leading up to the spring re-premier that was scheduled for the 25th, following a brief two-week hiatus.

So, this brings me to the present day, October 3, 2013 as I anxiously await the Season 3 premier of this phenomenal show with millions of others. Yes, I’m devoting a full hour to the idiot box tonight!

Does this make me a hypocrite in light of my previous criticism of those in my social circles? Will I tweet play by plays of the show for the full hour? Will I too waste potential workout time watching television? My answer to all three of these questions is a firm "No".

I will not be tweeting, nor will I be wasting an hour of workout time, and I’m certainly not a hypocrite. Why?

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