Scare of my life

I have just had one of the scares of my life.

I always knew that I would have to watch Tyler around Jeffrey.  If you’ve read my previous posts (car seat crises and  baby monitor crisis ) on how he has been coping with a new addition you’ll understand what I am talking about.  I know Jeffrey loves Tyler but at age 4, he doesn’t yet understand all his limits.  I’ve caught him trying to pick him up from his crib, trying to give him a high five (pretty hard).  I try REALLY hard not to freak out every time but it gets hard.  Tyler is not even 1 month old yet so I’m afraid that he’ll get hurt. 

I don’t take showers until my husband comes home at night, or early in the morning before he leaves, fearing that I shouldn’t leave them alone.  At first I thought that I was paranoid but then I realized yesterday that being paranoid sometimes helps you avoid serious trouble.

My husband was working till close yesterday at the store he manages, so I decided to spend some time at my parents.  Everything was going great, I was having a lot of fun.  We were finishing up supper, Tyler was in my parent’s room asleep. I was in a deep conversation with my parents when Jeffrey came up to me and said, “Mommy, I gave Tyler some toast”.  “What did you do!”  

I ran to the room and found a piece of toast the size of a grape just sitting there half in and half out of his mouth.  The only thought on my mind at that time was, “Thank God, Thank God, Thank God he did not swallow it”.  I had visions of pulling a Homer discipline on Bart (Simpsons) to Jeffrey but I had to calm myself.  I read that it is important not to react.  I asked him why he did that but I knew not to expect a straight answer.  “I don’t know” was all he could say.  I tried to make him understand how what he did was serious and that Tyler cannot have anything but momma’s milk inside him right now.  I tried to remain calm but I was pretty emotional.

I know nothing happened but the thought of how close I came to a potential huge accident, made me very emotional.  Luckily, Jeffrey decided to tell me right away that he had put bread in his brother’s mouth.  I was in another room and never would have heard anything if Tyler would have choked.  An hour after it happened, I was still mentioning how I could not get the image of the bread in my 3 week old’s mouth.  My brother replied, “But nothing happened so forget about it”.

I tried to explain that just the fact that I was very close to losing my son, was enough to scare me to death.  I cannot imagine what parents go through when they lose their children. 

Tyler is staying by my side all the time now.  I haven’t been able to go to the bathroom yet while Jeffrey is home.  My advice to parents who have a second child at home and she’s a newborn, be careful.  Even if your son seems great with your baby, they are just an infant and their judgement is not something you can trust with a newborn.  It’s not worth the risk of leaving them alone.

It also made me realize how important it is to take some sort of CPR course for emergencies.  If it would have become lodged, would I have known what to do?  Would I have been able to calm my mind enough to follow the right procedure?  I took a CPR course 4 years ago for work but I don’t remember all the steps.  I realize how important it is to take a refresher course every two years as recommended. 

If you are interested, here are some links that may help.  I do recommend some type of training for all parents.

cpr Scare of my life

  • The American Heart Association gives you the choice of either travelling to your home or business to give you the course, or you can register for a course online
  • Emergency University offer their online child/infant CPR course for free if you purchase their first aid kit (which every home should have).  They also have free refresher training and training for one year.  If you prefer the hands on experience of a CPR course, they also offer that option at this link.
  • CPR Today offers a comprehensive online training
  • The American Red Cross allows you to specify exactly which program you want.  They offer a 3 3/4 hour infant course (under 1 yr of age) or you can choose their Child and Infant course for children under 12.  Contact your local American Red Cross for more details.


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