Scary Budget Crisis Infographic of the Day

My love of infographics is well documented, as is my devotion to fiscal conservatism. Infographics can take complex issues — like the national debt — and develop visuals that make the concepts easier to understand.

Today, the Heritage Foundation released a few infographics to help explain the seriousness of this crisis.

2011 Federal Budget
Via: Federal Budget in Pictures by The Heritage Foundation

Every day, I get a number of Google alerts on various issues. Most of them have articles with headlines like, “GOP goes after poor people,” “Republicans’ War on Women,” or my current favorite, Deadly Tornadoes Reveal The Failure Of Today’s Perverse GOP Ideology.

This is when I want to stomp my foot and shake the shoulders of every person who considers himself or herself to be a Democrat or liberal. Quite simply, WE WON’T HAVE A COUNTRY TO CARE ABOUT IF WE DON’T RESOLVE THIS FISCAL CRISIS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT ENTITLEMENT SPENDING.

Can I make myself any clearer?

Do I want to help people? Absolutely. I’ve done far more than most of the bleeding heart liberals to help the unfortunate, and perhaps that’s the problem. Well meaning liberals don’t understand that change must come from the individual, and that families and communities need to be the social welfare net rather than the federal government.

However, if you don’t volunteer or make personal charitable donations, you’ll never get that. You’ll never see how massive, one-size-fits all programs can’t address widespread issues like urban vs. rural poverty and hunger.

Instead, you expect the federal government to keep taxes higher and make those decisions for you rather than pull out your debit card or write a check.

It’s time to end this “GOP doesn’t care” nonsense and admit that we’re enter (or have already entered) one of the biggest financial crises in history. We need to cut these programs and reign in spending if we’re going to survive this.

Adrienne works in the conservative movement and blogs at Cosmopolitan Conservative and Adrienne Loves.