Passion Pasta and Pistols

As promised, here are the sordid details from the murder mystery party I recently attended.  I've left the murderer for you to sleuth out for yourselves.  So, put on your fedora and trench coat and prepare for some detective work.  Ready for a who-done-it mystery?



The mood was grim in La Speranza’s Italian restaurant as the grieving friends and family of Pepi Roni gathered to discuss his recent murder.  Pepi, the beloved owner of La Speranza had been shot in the back by his own pistol and all who had gathered at the restaurant knew the murderer was amongst them.


Lies, deceit, and adultery were the main course of the evening.  Accusations and shocking revelations were passed around the table.  Everyone had a motive and no one could be trusted.


The scheming Father Alfredo (who knew everyone’s sins) wanted the land the restaurant sat upon and realized he had no chance to acquire it unless Pepi were dead.  Did Father Alfredo kill Pepi to gain his property?


Pepi’s widow, Momma Rosa had been stealing from the restaurant to fund her escape to her homeland of Italy where she hoped to renew her old love affair with Pepi’s identical twin brother Rocco Scarfazzi who was secretly the father of Rosa’s son, Marco.   



Marco Roni would do anything to pursue his dream of playing professional soccer, and nothing stood in his way except his father, Pepi, who wanted Marco to take over the restaurant.  Marco had been seen ‘cleaning’ Pepi’s pistol on the night of the murder.


Pepi’s daughter, Angel (who was running an extortion business) wanted her father (who was threatening to send her to a convent) out of the way so she could pursue her criminal career in her uncle Rocco’s organization with her new lover, Bo Jalais. 



Bo Jalais, the French wine maker and important associate in Rocco’s Italian organization was overheard threatening Pepi for interfering with his romantic plans for Pepi’s daughter, Angel.  It was also discovered that shortly after the murder, Bo sent a telegram to associates in Italy that read:  "The operation was a success.  The competition has been removed."


Rocco's fiancee Tara Misu, (a woman of VERY loose morals) had slept with Rocco's identical twin brother Pepi in an effort to get pregnant (because Rocco had sexual problems) and trap Rocco and his money into a marriage.  Tara's earring was found under the corpse.  Did Tara kill Pepi to prevent him from telling Rocco of her indiscretions?



Clair Voyant, Momma’s Rosa light-fingered mystical advisor (who was hopeless at making predictions) had been having an affair with Pepi and became enraged when she discovered Pepi had cheated on her with Tara Misu. 


And then there was Rocco Scarfazzi, Pepi’s twin brother who had arrived from Italy just days before the murder.  Rocco, who was expected to succumb to the fatal decease Necrofalsie Ficticious within the year, was known for his “laundering” business back home in Italy.  Rocco was heard argueing with Pepi the night of his murder.  Did Rocco seek revenge for losing his love Rosa to Pepi all those years ago?


 The nefarious cast of characters.  Back row:  Father Alfredo, Bo Jalais.  Front row:  Rocco, Clair Voyant, Tara Misu, and me as Mamma Rosa.  Missing is Marco Roni & his sister Angel.



Confused?  I know how that feels.  These are the facts as well as I remember them (there was a fair amount of wine involved).  So…do you think you can figure it out?  I'd love to hear your theories so go ahead,  take a stab! 


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