Scenes from an Airport (A Cautionary Tale)

As we approached the airport, I told Parker in a firm Mommy voice, “Parker, there will be times in the airport that you need to be in your stroller.” 

Parker said gingerly, “Ok!” 

I have dealt with Parker and airports three different times, every time I have been alone – without my husband.  Although I knew deep down that everything would be alright and we would, most likely, arrive at our destination alive, the anxious pit in my stomach started to churn as we approached the airport.

My mom stopped the car at curbside check-in to drop us off, and instantly madness began.  I can only describe it as a loud vacuum of chaos.

I got the stroller out, got the bags out, got Parker out, put him in the stroller.  I went to the car to start wrestling with the car seat and no matter how many pulls, pushes, and determined grunts and cuss words I threw at the damn thing, I could not get the car seat out of my mom’s car.  My mom stuck her head in on the other side of the car to try and help me.  I looked over to check on Parker and screamed.

Parker was almost lying in the street as he had wrangled himself out of his stroller.  My mom ran over to Parker and shouted, “Parker!  Your mom told you there would be times you would HAVE TO stay in your stroller!  This is one of those times!!!”  Then, my mom looked at the US Airways men standing at the curb and said, “Somebody help my daughter!”

God only knows what these men were thinking as these shrieking, frantic women pulled up at their curbside. 

Well, the dear, good curbside men got the car seat out of the car.  I gave my mom a hurried hug good bye, and off she went, back to her house to probably sleep for four days. 

I thanked all the men at the curbside, and apologized profusely for not having any cash for a tip (I know, I am an awful, awful person).  The men graciously smiled, promised me it was ok, and waved me on, but I just know they were thinking, "Woman, go.  Get the hell off our curb."

I did a deep, cleansing breath and pushed Parker (in his freakin stroller) into the airport.  Little did I know, strife and danger had only just begun…

To be continued…(The next post to continue this story will make you feel like a better mom.  I promise.)


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