The Scent of His Grey Flannel Cologne Is Intoxicating

Scents are memory enhancers, good or bad, they recall the moment of introduction, be it someone, place or thing. And the scent of his cologne, my man’s scent of many years—“Grey Flannel” by Geoffrey Beene—is buried deep into my subconscious. It is wildly intoxicating; it brings old euphoria to my restless spirit, and then it calms me anew. One longing embrace from him and his scent clings to me like honey. His scent—peppery-spicy and woodsy-clean—clears my stormy mind, and suddenly the world stops spinning, and I can focus—I can breathe again.

With our first embrace your scent had me

With our first kiss your scent sent me…

The scent of you lingered into the morning

The scent of you lingered to saturate my pillow

Your scent on my skin, my hair, my cheeks

Passion aroused from the depths of my soul

Though my spirit was dead you woke it

And life was sprung back to a once dead being

I was yours then and I am yours today and always

Poem by V. Kahler-Anderson


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