Schedule, Interrupted

Last night I was struck by a couple of memories and then felt so grateful that there is calm in place of where there was so much worry.

My friend’s daughter was having a birthday party.  I needed to take my son to the party, stay for a little while, meet some other friends for dinner, and then we were off as a whole family to a hockey game. 

Last year, we did this same exact thing – attended the birthday party before a hockey game.  Except, last year, I was more frantic!  I was in a rush.  I was nervous about sticking to Parker’s SCHEDULE.  I was afraid he would be too hungry before we left the birthday party and ran off to dinner and hockey.  I had to make sure I carried enough baby stuff around for all three events.  I remember the anxiousness and nervousness of all the night’s events.

Last night, I was not nervous for any of it.  I knew we would have a good time wherever we went.  We went to the party.  I relaxed and talked with people.  Parker played. 

I saw a new mother there with her little newborn baby in a carrier.  The baby was sleeping.  I remember taking my own newborn to a party once.  I was, again, NERVOUS the whole time, ready to murder anyone who threatened to wake him up.  I was afraid he would wake and cry and everyone would watch as I tried to console him.  I was afraid I would have to put down the cake and tend to him instead of having a delicious moment to myself.

We left the party and met my husband at another friend’s house where they were eating dinner and getting ready for the hockey game.  Parker and I got there, sat and ate our own dinner, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for a little bit. 

At the hockey game, near the end of the game, I looked for the clock in the stadium to check the time.  And, yet again, I was struck with ANOTHER memory that was a tell-tale sign of how far we’ve come.  When we first started bringing Parker to hockey games, my eyes were always GLUED to the clock.  I was NERVOUS about keeping him up to late.  I would take him home early from the game so that the bed time SCHEDULE could be followed.

Last night, we stayed for the whole game without a worry about the SCHEDULE.  We knew that everything was GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.  We were just hanging out, enjoying ourselves, and I only looked for the clock because I was curious. 

Those who know me will be shocked by the following tid-bit of information.  Parker never even had a nap yesterday!  GASP!  He was too excited for hockey (he LOVES it), and never ended up sleeping.  In the past, I would have been FREAKING out.  I would have WORRIED about him being cranky, not being able to go to hockey, and a messed-up SCHEDULE. 

Last night, it didn’t worry me.  He is at an age where if a nap is occasionally skipped, it’s ALL GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.

Whew.  We’ve come a long way, baby.  And, no, this does not mean it is time for another one.  We are just ENJOYING ourselves.  Hanging out.  Checking the clock only if we’re curious.



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