School Fundraising Not Fair to Households with Multiple Children

School is now back in full force. I can always tell that by the Fundraiser packets that come home in September. I have three kids, all 17 months apart, in grade 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, so I receive 3 fundraiser packets and all three want the prizes for selling the most products. To top it off, I now have a multitude of their classmates coming to my door asking if I want to purchase the same the same products my children are suppose to be selling in the first place. I also have to answer to my children when they ask, "How come (insert friends name here) always wins a prize each year and we don't?" and I have to keep reminding them that "(insert friends name) is a single child!" and yet I don't need my children resenting having sibilings because they can't win that stupid school fundraising competition!

As a military family we don’t live anywhere near family, but if we did we can’t expect them to buy from each child anyways, and the friends we do have their children go to the same school and are participating in the same fundraiser. So that leaves me with one solution: DON’T BUY ANYTHING! Seriously, how do these companies expect families with multiple children to even purchase anything? Do they expect us to select one child over another to win their lame “prize”? For the amount I spend on these products, I can buy a toy for each of my children that is much better than their prize to begin with.

I am all for supporting the PTO, the school, and education in general, but I think I’ll stick to giving a small donation that lasts the whole year rather than buying anything from a company who offers a cheap plastic prize as a gift to my children or getting my children's hopes up to win that trampoline that my children will never get.

What are some ways you have conquered school Fundraisers with multiple children?




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