School, Parenting, and Blogging: Is there time to do it all?

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Christina Yother

I'll admit that I find it very difficult to balance working on a PhD, my love of blogging, and my responsibilities as a parent.  It's hard to find the time to dedicate my full attention and energy to each and every direction I am pulled. I'd like to believe there is a balance.  I'd like to believe I'm not the only mother trying desperately to do it all.  This ROYO session can provide a space for those of us trying to balance being students, parents, and bloggers.  We might be a small niche of women (and men!), but I believe that we all have tips and tricks that work to get us through a typical day, a final exam, or a dissertation.  This session will allow current students and those considering going back to school the opportunity to find solace in one another.  It will also focus on both the positive and negative impact school can have on social media, your audience, and your writing.  It isn't necessarily about doing it all perfectly - it's about doing it all 'good enough.'