School "Welcome" Nights: Fooling Our Kids By Telling Them They Can "Do It All"

Have you had to take your child to a school welcome night yet? When they're transitioning from elementary school to junior high, or junior high to high school? Around my town, the schools bring out their "best" students to talk or perform in front of the newcomers, "best" meaning students who are involved in multiple activities, and school administrators continually yammer away the message that "you can do it all at this school".  Both my kids eagerly bought into this message, and so did I, but now I'm seeing it's truly a myth.  If adults can't be Superman or Superwoman, why do we ever think our still-developing kids can be?  And why don't administrators, teachers, coaches, and music directors work together more to help those kids struggling to multitask, after talking them into doing that in the first place? Read more about my experience at , share yours, and join in the discussion about how to make things better!




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