Is School Ever Out When You Homeschool?

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Day Three Hundred | Sharp FocusSchool ended on Friday. But when you homeschool, “School’s Out!” only means, “The majority of our formal schooling is over.” Because every homeschool mom who declares school over is really thinking, “Except for the math we’re going to catch up,” or, “Well, we’ve got some reading to do.”

We’ve just finished our seventh year of school at home. For the first few summers, I decreed we’d continue on with school. We’re home, that’s where we do school, so why not just keep the ball rolling? After the second summer I had a full-fledged revolt on my hands. And not from the kids nearly as much as from myself. I needed the break, too!

I think most homeschooling moms feel the same. We’ve worked alongside the kids all year; summer break is a time to take a deep breath and refresh for the coming year of doing all over again. The co-ops are over, the tutors aren’t coming by and the hustle of spring sports is a distant memory.

However, summer is an excellent time to do some subject-specific review. Our 5th grade daughter will continue on with math so the skills she learned this year won’t be so rusty come September. And our high schoolers will be reading a few books to prepare for their lit class.

I’d like to think we’ve found a happy medium between the full steam ahead approach I took our first summer and the brain shut-down that occurred shortly after I realized we couldn’t keep up the pace. Now in the summers we start our days later. Chores are still done before breakfast (or brunch for the truly sleepy-headed among us) and then I own the kiddos for the first two hours of the day. We’ll do some reading or math review. We'll do a little cleaning. And this summer we’re going to do menu planning and cooking. But in the afternoon they have time to do what they want to do.

A little bit of school, a lot of free time. It seems like a more realistic schedule for everyone. Especially the mom.



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