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Romantic Music

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Romantic music can have an effect on women, making her a bit more willing and attracted. In a study published in the journal Psychology of Music on June 18, 2010, French researcher’s asked females to test food products as a ruse to study the effects of music. The women sat in a waiting room with either neutral music or romantic music. After the ladies rated their food products, the young man that ran the test asked each out for a drink. Although the young man got a phone number of 28% of the women in the neutral music room, he almost doubled the amount, at 52% from the romantic music room.

This effect was confirmed by a study at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. In this study, researcher Francesca Dillman Carpentier found that music could act as a primer.  That listening to music affects a person’s judgment of a potential romantic partner. In other words, when you listen to soft romantic music, you begin to have warm fuzzy romantic feelings towards the other person. They also found that listening to sexually suggestive music could literally suggest sex.

The singer of the romantic song can also have an effect. A study at the University of London found that women are attracted to low-pitched male voices that are breathy. Therefore, male singers with deep voices may enhance the evening. Another study found that women tend to remember deeper male voices. That may be one of the reason’s Barry White’s singing is still so fondly remembered.


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