Scientists show age-related memory loss is reversible

Well, I wanted to make a joke about how I forgot what I was going to write about, but sadly, it's not that far from the truth half the time! At 41, I know that age-related cognitive decline can sneak in at any moment, not to mention that my grandfather had Alzheimer's. 

And although I know that there are things I can do to fend off age-related congnitive decline (crosswords, brain training, consuming brain foods, exercise), I love to read articles like this that reinforce the idea that memory loss is reversible.

This study comes from Teh Scripps Research Institute, where the scientists found that by stimulating the neurons that form memories (the same neurons that get damaged with age), they could reverse age-related memory defects.

Although this particular study was done with fruit flies, their brains are in many ways like humans when it comes to memory and scientists believe the results are "likely applicable to human memory and the disorders of human memory."


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