The Scourge of the Farmers Market

I love summer, I really do.

But every week it's a battle of Minas Tirith proportions (albeit with less smelly orcs and more zucchini) when I get my weekly Tuesday CSA package. Being a relatively new CSA (in it's 2nd year), they don't quite have the grasp on their production and supply and every week it's a crap shoot of what kinds of things to expect. Also, they grow a lot of weird stuff (i.e. lemon cucumbers, which are gross) which takes up space from the GOOD stuff (like zucchini, cherry tomatoes, kale) in my half share box. I almost wish they offered a share of "the basics" so I could get the non-exotic produce I want!

So, because of this, I end up going to the farmers market they have in downtown Minneapolis every Thursday and buying even MORE stuff.  

"Trays of zucchini are $3/ea or 3/$5? I'll take 3!"

Eventually, I end up lugging a grocery bag full of more produce than my husband or I could eat in two weeks, much less one. Seriously, it's like a collection of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" pods in my crisper drawer...well, if those pods were zucchini.  And those zucchini weren't bent on taking over the human race.

Now that you mention it, I did see one eyeing me funny the other day...


Because of my garden vegetable insanity, I've had to become quite skilled in making things out of the metric ton of produce: vegetable soup for the freezer, grilled vegetable sandwiches with herbs from my container garden and hummus (OMG YUM), pasta dishes where zucchini takes the place of, well, just about everything but the sauce. If I were a baking type, I'd do something with zucchini bread, but baking is futzy and then I would have a bunch of delicious baked goods that, well, aren't going to eat themselves! My hips don't need chocolate chip zucchini muffins, thankyouverymuch. 

Since today is farmers market day, I'm making a list of things to pick up. I just hope I come out with under a half grocery bag...wish me luck!


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