Scrabble Scandal: Should Proper Nouns Be Allowed?

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The world must be ending: Scrabble is allowing proper nouns.

According to CNET, the rule change only applies to only one version of the game, called Scrabble Trickster -- which is only available in the U.K. But that hasn't stopped the Internet from calling it "a sign of the apocalypse" and "the fall of civilization's last rampart."

Playing Scrabble

I don't know about that -- I'd kind like to see Scrabble snobs who've spent some major time brushing up on arcane words like "pyx" and "qindar" be felled by "Beyonce" or "Zantac." And, of course, I'm really only concerned about changes to the rules of my One True Love: Boggle.

Where do you stand on the Scrabble spectrum? Would you play with proper nouns?


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