Scrambled eggs

I meant to scan in the outlined sketch but I forgot. I have come down with some weird kind of illness.... could be a cold but right now I am not having the cold symptoms I was having yesterday- anyways, my head is all fogged up.

We had some excitement in the neighborhood last night which is very unusual for our neighborhood. Until the city decided to put the new Light Rail system straight across the front of our neighborhood no one knew we were there! Since then that is beginning to change. As we were beginning our Dog walk at 10 pm, I saw a cop car start to pull onto our street, stop, back out, then head down another street. When we came to the end of the street there was the cop car sitting at the corner. I waved at them as they took off. Turning the corner I saw a man standing in his yard. I commented that looks like we are having some excitement in the neighborhood. The man started talking but I realized that he was talking into a cell phone so I left. I heard him hollering into his phone about some woman and his talk became more and more angry and high pitched. I'm thinking great, we'd best get home quick! At that point our dogs all began to act spazy so I knew something was up! As we were heading down the last street before reaching home, two dogs appeared out of nowhere and jumped the dogs my husband had. (Remeber we have two dogs recovering form surgy and we need to be very careful concerning them.) Both of us charged those dogs hollering and they backed up. Then they headed for the two dogs I had. Well, I took the handle of the (roll-up) dog leash and smacked the smaller dog that kept coming after my set of dogs- smacked him good so he and his buddy ran off. Under normal circumstances we catch the dogs and find their owners (this comes from working with a no-kill dog rescue) but since we didn't recognize the dogs (we know a lot of the neighborhood dogs) so we were on red alert! I only smacked the dog because I didn't know the dog and he was going towards one of the injured dogs. I smacked him a couple of times on his side and not his head, just enough to let him know that he would be in trouble of he kept on. He didn't and he and his buddy ran off.

I am so glad that the Arbonne Team meeting was canceled last night because I would have been good for nothing! Unfortunately yet fortunately the show I had scheduled for this evening has been postponed... remember, I am ill. We will schedule for March/April.

I had a hard time sleeping last night! It took me a while to get drowsy then I would pop in and out of sleep. I was having a hard time breathing and what was really weird, (this shows you how weird a night of sleep I had, I kept waking up thinking I smelt the scent of pot being smoked! Now where did that come from? Kinda made me nervous since that guy down the street saw who we were, I'd never seen him before. (Since the beginning of the Light Rail construction we are seeing people who we've never seen before, especially during afternoons and nights.) Maybe it was an unconscious thing since I had read an article about Mike Phelps smoking pot.

Now I am up (in body, don't know where my head is!LOL) I was planning on getting a particial perm yesterday but I felt horrible so if I begin to feel a little better maybe I will see if I can find a beautician who will do as I tell her to do!

Hmmm, I feel like I am ready for a nap!

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