From Script to Screen and Everything in Between

Things get pretty surreal when you get close to a life goal.

About eighteen months ago, I dusted off my screenwriting career.  Well, that actually implies that I previously had a screenwriting "career".  No.  I had a lot of scripts, some that had gotten a bit of attention, but none that had gone all the way.  While we aren't quite "all the way" now, but we are super-duper close on the script that is my "baby", Black Coffee

In the past eight weeks, we have made extraordinary progress on our little independent film.  "We" means me, Producer 1 (a him), Producer 2 (a her) and the Director (a him), whom we only attached to the project the second week of January.  Since that time, we have done meeting after meeting for little tweaks to the script to get it just right (and free of any typos), and now we are to the point of going out to cast. 

This has been such a fabulous experience that I thought I would share it with other aspiring screenwriters, filmmakers, and those who are curious about how something like this gets made.  Please join the story at the Black Coffee blog and on the film's Twitter feed, and watch the dark comedy brew.


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