Scuppie or Yucky?

I'm feeling yucky about Scuppie and I'm not sure why. Scuppie is a new book for the Socially Conscious Upward Mobile Person - someone who cares about being kinder and greener, yet doesn't feel a need to make big sacrifices when little ones are enough. Humm, maybe that's it - it lacks sincerity of purpose.

Scruppies believe...

"…that it’s okay to have a “My other car is a bicycle” bumper sticker on your Lexus, because you’re making a really important point about personally taking the initiative to reduce greenhouse emissions, even if you’re fibbing a bit and your other car is actually a Volvo wagon.

"…that you’d really admire Angelina Jolie for her efforts to help international refugees, even if she wasn’t a total hottie.

Ok, maybe I'm bent out of shape because I just came away from watching a few segments on which is in soft launch mode this week. What you'll see there are women, lots and lots of women sacrificing their time and money and life to better the world and not in a half-way, way. Plus, they've been doing it for years, generations really without a book deal driving them. I bet you know 10 women just like them. Now a guy in a suit does a little good work and I'm suppose to get excited?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm all for whatever moves the market to Sustainability and social good. I'm also for whatever draws attention to stories that point out our foibles and then fixes them. I guess I would just like to see women get the credit where credit is due first before a book with a snappy title takes the light away from those who get dirty everyday, ALL day.

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