Setting Expectations

I have owned and operated a staffing and recruitment firm for 25 years. We work diligently to please all of the people that come seeking job opportunities. However, we know that we can’t get everyone a job. But – can we make everyone happy? Do they leave feeling optimistic and prepared enough for the hard road they are about to encounter in these economic times? What are the expectations that someone should expect when going to a staffing firm? I took the time to think about this a great deal before preparing this article because it is a very important question that deserves some good answers. Here is a list of the expectations you should set when going to meet a staffing professional:

  • Dress accordingly and bring a resume. Expect to finish up paperwork and have your personal documentation in order. Prepare to engage in a face to face meeting that should take an hour (often two) with one or more staffing professionals. Expect positive critiquing on your attire, presentation, and resume. We know the market better than most; therefore, we should guide and counsel you on important resume strategies and what hiring authorities want to see on your resume.
  • You should feel good and have a positive dialog with your staffing professional. Any questions or items that are troubling you, or feel you need special counsel on, should be discussed at this time. Often, people have been laid off and feel awkward about disclosing this in a professional fashion. We are the experts and can easily assist you with these uncomfortable matters prior to a client meeting.
  • We will review your on-line presence and make recommendations if anything should be changed or deleted. We will also discuss all of the relevant tools and protocols that will assist you in landing a job in these difficult economic times.
  • Consulting work should always be discussed and recommended with a potential job seeker as it is a superior way to find a permanent job particularly in this economic climate. Showcasing your talents in person is the fastest way to land a permanent job offer!
  • Expectations should now be formalized by both sides. A plan including follow-up should be outlined by your recruiter. You should also set criteria for continual follow-up based on your status each week. There should always be a level of communication that is expected from the staffing firm.

You may not leave your meeting with a job but you should leave feeling satisfied, that you established a rapport and cultivated a relationship worth continuing; having all of your questions answered. You should now have a critiqued resume, good solid pointers on housekeeping items that need attention, and a documented plan.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Adam Gietz a candidate who came to The McIntyre Group recently who took the time and had the courage to write me a letter asking “What expectations should a candidate have?”


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