Searching for a Women's Magazine That Shows Me How to Fall and Get Back Up

I am tired of the messages I get as a woman about what should be important to me.  Hair.  Men.  Teeth.  Men.  Food.  Men.  Abs.  Men.  Laundry detergent.  Men. 

Have you ever considered the women's magazine headlines at the checkout stand?  (Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, OK, Seventeen for some examples).  Here is one woman's humorous take on it:

Are you, like me, searching for some validation that the actions you are taking to live your best life are worthwhile and found somewhere between the laundry, the organic farmer's market produce, and the computer screen where you spend your precious hours of breath on this planet to keep a roof over your head and child fed?

Are you, like me, content with solitude in a society that is truly obsessed with being coupled but can't seem to get it right, considering all the disastrous romantic relationships and divorce rates every direction you turn? 

Have you fallen and only got up because of your sheer will and fortitude against all odds?  I would rather read 100 stories about women who have failed and fallen and gotten back up from their own inner resources than 100 stories about hair.  Don't get me wrong. Hair and sex sell, and some people derive all their joy in life from both.  More power to them. 

But I live on the corner of trying to shed some light in the darkness that crosses my path and courage-fear at covering new ground I see no one covering.  

Like how the natural world our culture is destroying is waiting patiently to heal us.  Like how taking a walk in the woods (forest bathing, can make a difference in our blood pressure, our well-being and happiness.  Like how to face my sheer terror at being an overweight woman flying alone to LAX to hike 26 miles in a single day for the first time ever with 50 strangers because it is less than my fear from having watched children die of cancer.  See my former blog (Doing Instead of Dreaming) for details about my Ultimate Hike.  

Whatever women are doing to carry their light forward and make a difference in this world, I say hear, hear!  These are stories I want to read. 


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