Seasoned and Smart: Midlife Bloggers Emerge Online

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Nancy Wurtzel

Midlife bloggers -- mainly from the Baby Boom generation -- are finally finding their voice and their audience online. 

Their distinctive style comes through as they write about a wide-range of issues, including empty nests, relationships, aging, parenting adult children, travel, politics, feminism, caregiving, exercise and food, careers, memories, partners, finances, menopause, retirement, grandchildren, second and third acts, and, yes, even sex. 

Midlife bloggers are mainly focused on the here-and-now and on future issues.  Yet, we also bring a rich experience and a seasoned perspective to our writing.  This is the experience of having lived a full life with all of its challenges and accomplishments. Now, we are enjoying a new, exciting phase of that life. 

We bring wisdom, understanding and perspective because we are not young and not yet old.


We want to say to the younger bloggers:

Life does not end when the children grow up or the big career is phased out.  It is only a new beginning. Someday you will be us.